Official property evaluation spain

property valuation-spain

Official property evaluation Spain

Investing in property is a huge undertaking, even in your own country, so buying real estate in Spain can be even more daunting. That is the reason to get a official property evaluation or home report from your computer at IBEROTASA.COM

property valuation report spain

property valuation report spain

How do we know what is the correct price for the property?

Who do we go to for advice? The best thing is to get an appraisal from an expert to get a perfect evaluation of the investment. If you do not speak or understand Spanish at all, this may be still more of an obstacle, but help is available to get a real property valuation.

Accurate valuations lay the foundations for healthy returns on investment and intelligent acquisition and disposal strategies. Knight Frank’s experienced real estate valuations team has an excellent track record in conducting commercial and residential valuations in Spain and formal market appraisals across Spanish property markets. Consistently abreast of all factors affecting a property asset’s market value in Spain, we pride ourselves on providing advice that our clients can trust – a valuable service in fluctuating property markets.

The spanish real estate market

While there are professional property evaluators, who will visit a property to value it, this is a service that does not come cheap. Furthermore it is not much use if you are sat in the UK. There is a better option – and that is to get your property valued with a service that offers home report online only for 10 Libras. Once you have found your ideal property, had your valuation done, and negotiated the deal to your satisfaction; all that remains to is to move yourself and your belongings to your new adopted country, and enjoy all the marvelous attractions Spain has to offer.

official property evaluation spain

Also you can enlist the help of a appraisals at IBEROTASA SOCIEDAD DE TASACIONES, -also we are in connection with al the banks by the Bank of Spain – (Santander,  there is one of the largest property valuation firm in Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, and Valencia, who is an agent to help with all things legal; like a cross between an English solicitor and accountant, or a lawyer to help with the paperwork further down the line, but to know the true value of the property, you need to get a “tasacion”, which s an official property evaluation.

Also we provide current market valuations. We are Expert Witness valuers for the English, Scottish and Irish Courts in connection with Divorce (Matrimonial) (CPR 35 and FPR 25), Inheritance (Probate) and all other disputes relating to Spanish property.

We also act for the British Government valuing properties in Spain. Our private and company clients are principally nationals from UK, Ireland, the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

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